We’re Committed to Living our Values Every Day, in Every Way

Our Values

W  World Class Patient Experience: We consistently exceed patient  expectations

O  Oral Systemic Health: We believe dentistry is about more than just teeth. We CARE deeply about the oral and systemic health of our patients.

W  Winning Teams: We empower and support A+ teams that want to be the best! We incentivize and reward team members who help to improve patient care, experience and help us grow our practices.

What is our “Why”?

  • We all hold ourselves accountable for our role related to the delivery of patient care
  • We expect all team members to pitch in and help the team in any way necessary
  • We candidly communicate and receive feedback (both positive and negative)

Positive Energy: We have zero tolerance for energy vampires

  • We want our patients and team members to smile when they are in our practices
  • We are proud of the role we all play in improving the systemic health of our patients
  • We want our team members and patients to feel valued and respected

Growth: Always in all ways

  • We expect our team members and practices to grow every year
  • We invest in personal and professional development via training, CE and mentorship