Select Dental Management was founded in 2018 by two lifelong friends, Dr. Mason and Mr. Zibel, who both shared one vision: To create a disruptive partnership model supporting the best clinicians and providing exceptional care to patients.

After countless hours analyzing alternatives for clinicians who wanted to focus 100% of their time providing care to patients, or for those who wanted to gradually transition to retirement, we came to one conclusion.

Elliot Zibel | Co-Founder

  • Too much focus on short term profits, not patient care
  • High doctor and employee turnover (>30%)
  • Lack of doctor owners, clinician advocates
  • Minimal mentorship, training and support for clinicians
  • Cookie cutter decisions pushed down to all practices

Dr. Mason and I set out to create a truly patient and clinician centric partnership model and Select Dental was formally established in 2018. We set out to establish a collaborative, positive, rewarding and growth-oriented community with an unwavering focus on continuously improving quality of patient care and experience.

Fast forward to today and Select is affiliated with 38 exceptional practices providing care to > 100k patients annually. We are proud that our focus on patients has driven tremendously positive patient feedback, best in class employee and dentist retention and satisfaction as well as substantial growth in our practices. As we continue to bring on more high quality practices, clinicians and team members we remain committed to our core values and to continuously improving patient care and experience collaboratively. 

Elliot Zibel
Co-Founder, Select Dental Management