Kara Piraino

Director of Integrations

Kara is a multifaceted leader with strong management skills and experience directing both company operations as well as integrations and acquisitions. She is instrumental in supporting companies to reach their true potential for over 18 years. With a degree in business management, Kara is known to assist workers in all aspects of company operations. Her knowledge and leadership has led Select Dental Management through numerous successful practice integrations. 

Kara’s advanced training in the principles of Lean and Six Sigma leadership as well as her values have enabled her to continue to contribute to net growth while fostering a welcoming environment for all employees. Her entire career has been spent in the dental community which supports her desire for perfect and healthy teeth for all. Kara has also been tap dancing since she was two years old and still puts her shoes to work. Her favorite thing to do in her downtime is to attend concerts with her husband. The greatest joys of her life are her young son and daughter as well as three stepsons. She loves working on “what’s next” and is always up for a challenge.